Road Construction and Rehabilitation

We are involved in the construction of asphaltic and surface dressed roads, the expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads...

Building Construction and Refurbishing

We cover the full spectrum of construction from new builds including all ground works to refurbishing existing builds. Our main aims are to build quality solutions....

Land Survey and Bulldozing

We conduct surveys on Land using the latest technologies. We also conduct clearing and leveling of land surface with bulldozers...

LandSurvey, Construction & Property ManagementWe deploy best practices to achieve great result in

Land Survey & Bulldozing

Excellent land survey, clearing and leveling with bulldozers

Building Construction

From new building construction to refurbishing existing ones.

Road Construction

Construction of new roads, expansion & rehabilitation of existing ones

Property Management

Our management encompasses all aspects of routine day to day, monthly and annual services

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About usLearn about Mio Constructions

Mio Construction is a Nigeria based construction company. We undertake road and building construction, land survey and bulldozing, property management, real estate and other construction works.

Our expertise cuts across new project and rehabilitation, refurbishing and maintenance of already existing projects.

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